Coupons…but not Extreme

I had always knew about this show Extreme Couponing. But, I never really watched it, mostly because I just never got around to it. However, this past weekend, my friends and I got together like we usually do, and we watched Impractical Jokers and a couple episodes of Extreme Couponing.

While we were watching it Myke looked at me and asked why I never did that (totally kidding), and I thought about it and thought why not?

So I did my research, which pretty much means I watched all of season 1 on Netflix. I was inspired, as most people would be watching those women save a lot of money.

Now we do have to keep in mind that most of the people on the show are buying certain items on sale and then stocking them in something called the “stock pile”. I would say a good 98% of the people gave away/donate most of the items they get with coupons. Which is nice to see.

Myke and I have decided to take the plunge, we have decided to coupon. No, we are not going to have a stock pile, however with the new apartment we probably could 🙂
We are clipping coupons of things that we need (razors and toothpaste for example) and we are looking for more ways to save a little every time we go.

Our goal? To save at least $20 each time we go. That may not sound like a lot, but we go about once a week to restock the dinner/lunch supplies. If we attempt to save $15-20 per trip, that is half a gas tank. We also get gas points every 100 points (which is per dollar spent) and we are trying to save at least 20 cents every couple weeks on gas.

Myke is watching the show as well, so he is doing his own research and I’m clipping coupons.

We are clipping coupons, however not to the extreme.

Do you clip?


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