Oh Monday

Monday is usually a slowish day at work.

Today was no exception.

However tonight is going to be fun because we are going to celebrate our friend’s birthday. We are also having the same family over tomorrow as our first guests in our new apartment! So exciting!

Speaking of the apartment! We have cleaned up all the boxes (minus the ones that have our beautiful china plates. Would you like to see?

*Disclaimer: Please keep in mind we are in no way near done! It’s going to be a little while, but we are ready for the challenge and adventure!

Living room

Please forgive the mess! We just started watching Extreme Coupons so we have started cutting coupons. You can seen our bookshelf from Ikea that was incomplete when we got it! How sad is that!?

Dining room table

This is my design and Myke’s execution. We make a pretty good team. In the back you can see our lamp from Ikea and you can’t see it really-but it is sitting on white table.

Cute little kitchen

Our studio!

We still love our apartment! Again we are still going through our own little “renovation” (for lack of a better word). But I like it so far!

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