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Bacon + Butter and Old Sac (and a video!)

This video is from Father’s Day weekend, which I know was a couple weeks ago. Myke’s parents wanted to get together since we now live so close. We went to this amazing place called Bacon and Butter. This place was amazing! The restaurant has a farmhouse feel including a large table in the middle of the restaurant. I immediately saw the one thing I had to have, chicken and waffles. I’m a Roscoe’s chicken and waffles girl, but these were going to have a back cherry syrup which intrigued me. The waffles were fluffy and the chicken was delicious. I will probably get them again when I go back. Myke’s breakfast sandwich looked delicious as well.

On Saturday, we took Olivia to Old Sacramento. Going there is always fun for us because we both have so many memories there. I can’t wait to take Olivia there when she is older and she can really experience it.

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