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Airport 101

I have flown many times in my life, mostly from So Cal to Nor Cal. Most of the time I’m by myself. I think our of our 5 years together Myke and I have flown once together, although we’ve picked each other up enough times. When I was 14, my sister and I were flying across the country by ourselves. My aunt and uncle, who are world travelers, took us under their wing. They drove us to the airport and taught us every little thing that could help us have an easier flight. I still think about them to this day whenever I fly.

Wear your bigger closed toe shoes. Some say you should wear flip flops-to get through security faster. The reason why my aunt and uncle said to wear closed toe shoes was because the plane can sometimes be cooler than the airport. Especially if you are going on a longer flight. Also you didn’t want to run the risk of hitting your toe against other shoes or the seat in front of you. Depends on your personal preference-I go closed toe TOMS all the way.

Wear a sweater/blazer on the flight. Again, sometimes it gets cold on the flight. This last flight I wore my blazer for two reasons, I always get cold on planes and I didn’t want the blazer to get wrinkled.

Invest in a good carry-on bag. I love my carry-on bag. I got it from my mom about a year ago. The brand is Vera Bradley. Great quality and ever better designs. I love it. It’s also good for short weekend getaways or a bag to bring with a change of clothes. I also like that it has a little compartment for me to put my wallet, so I don’t have to carry my big purse with me. (Note the one in the picture, isn’t the Vera Bradley, I wasn’t carrying a lot on the flight so I opted for smaller one.)

If it’s a long flight, bring small toothpaste/toothbrush. I don’t do this for every single flight, but when I was flying to Australia in college I did bring one. Mostly because I knew I was going to be sleeping on the flight and I didn’t want to enter Australia with bad breath. I usually bring mints and gum with me anyway, gum especially to help my poor ears.

Again, if it’s a long flight, wear comfy clothes. I do that even if my flight is short I try to wear jeans that are not super tight or pants that I know are cozy, but I don’t wear sweatpants. The only time I have ever worn sweats on a flight was a late flight in college.

Just a few little words of advice. I know there is a lot of other advice out there, but these are the big ones at least for me. Been on my mind especially since I’ve been doing a lot flying lately.

Do you have airport advice?

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