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Me Vs. Lipstick

Let’s talk about about lipstick.

I don’t like lipstick. Not kidding. I don’t like it. I wore it when I was younger in plays and dance recitals, so I guess it’s just the memory of being really young and licking my lips accidentally and getting an awful taste in my mouth.

When I was getting married, my mother, knowing my full dislike of lipstick talked to me and explained that lipstick may be a good idea on the big day. I remember rolling my eyes, but then she said I could put lip gloss over it if I really wanted to. She took me to her friend and told her to give me a good solid lipstick that blended with my lips. We picked one and I put it on and I have to admit, I liked it. It was a little glossy, so I was good. The color was Pure by Lip Shine. It even has an SPF of 15 which was awesome. I tried looking for it online, but I can’t find it.

Now that I’m trying to be more of an adult, I have become a little obsessed with finding a good lipstick for me to wear. I love the Lip Shine, but I wanted to find something a little more hydrating for my lips, since they dry out so much. Usually I put Chapstick on my lips before I put any type of lipstick or lip gloss on my lips.

There is no denying that I’m a tad obsessed with Birchbox. Anyway, they sent me a few lipsticks that I’ve tried and liked, but wouldn’t really wear every single day. Until they sent me Model Co Party Proof lipstick, color Peony. I put it on and I actually felt grown up and comfortable. I was in love.

I loved it so much I just purchased the classic Model Co lipsticks from Birchbox. I’m planning on purchasing the other neutral colors as well.

Is there a lipstick/lip gloss/lip stain that you like? Do you have a go to? I would love to hear!

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