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This is a subject that I’m actually a little hesitant to write about. I simply ask that you be kind in your comments. Myke and I have started Nutrisystem. This is something we had discussed for a while now and we finally took the plunge. We have both gained weight since we got married, so we have decided to take the plunge, we literally just started Sunday.

Nutrisystem sends you 28 days of meals, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts. We then throw in power fuel foods and smart carbs. Those are a mix of certain foods like yogurts, fruits, veggies, and eggs. Our plan is to set up the foods to eat during the week and write it down what we eat.
My goal is to loose 30 pounds. This will get me down to my high school weight and a little bit more. My main reason for doing this is to make me feel good about myself. I’m sick of seeing my tummy the way it is now and think back to high school when I had a flat tummy and good looking legs. I miss those days and I’m still young enough to get those days back.
We got our meals on Saturday and we couldn’t help but laugh. These big boxes just came in with all of this food. The boxes were just so big it was comical.

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