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Yet Another Check in the Yes Column

For those of you don’t know what the “Yes Column” is, it is a very simple concept made up by the Clements family. When God blesses us or says Yes, we add it to the Yes Column.

An example is when Myke got his processor back (read about it here).

Myke and I moved a little while ago and we wanted to upgrade some of the items in our home. One of the higher priority items was getting a new couch.

It’s not a terrible couch. It’s one of the most comfortable couches I have ever sat on and it has cool foot rests that pop up. It was given to Myke by his parents his senior year of college. The couch then came with him to our home when we got married.

However, while we were in our previous apartment, one of the foot rests broke. The frame bent and a bolt fell out. We put a new bolt and some duct tape on it and it was fine for a while. A couple of weeks ago it finally just completely broke. That’s when we started to plan a way that we could get a new couch.

Our poor couch 🙁

Last Wednesday, we went to dinner with our pastors and out of no where, they asked if we needed a couch. Myke and I looked at each other and just started laughing. We told them the whole story and they gave us their couches without a second thought.

Last night, completely last minute, Myke and I rented a truck and moved the couches to our new apartment. A total last minute and late night adventure that included running into walls and even a quick trip to visit Brigette, and Jeff, and baby Andi downstairs.

When it’s almost 11pm and you’re tired, this is the best I could do. More to come later

It was another check in the yes column for the us and we are so excited to organize with our new couches.  


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