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Dear Papa,

I missed you today. Like I do every February 18. I think of calling you every February 18 and singing Happy Birthday to you.

I still think about our times together. The times we sat and watched our Giants play. It didn’t matter if they won or lost, I loved watching them with you.

I think about our last time together. It was Christmas, so I was helping you stuff your Christmas cards. I was on one end of the table and you were on the other. It was late at night, but you didn’t care. We hadn’t spent quality one on one time since I started going to college. So we talked about everything. You finally were getting ready to go to bed. You walked past me and whispered “Oh and when you get back from Hawaii, I want to hear about this boy you are dating.” I laughed.

Unfortunately, you never met him, but you would have loved him.

I missed you at my wedding. I tried not to think of you not being there because I knew that I couldn’t think about it without tears in my eyes. You were there though. I know that you and Tootsie had the best seats in the house. You were definitely missed that day.

I just wanted to write you a quick little letter. Today wasn’t the best day ever, but thinking of you helped me get through it.

Guess what? Myke’s grandfather’s birthday is today too. We are eating birthday oreos for you both today.

I love you Papa. Happy Birthday.

Love your granddaughter,

Allison Berry

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