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Friday To Done List

If you read my last post, obviously you know that Myke is out of town for the weekend and I have been scheduled to work every night at the spa. Not my preference, but it’s where the money is coming from.

Anyway, I’m a list maker. I make lists for everything. A “to done” list comes from my former pastor’s 6 year old son. He made a “to done” list yesterday and I took it as inspiration to actually write my list down. 
Allison’s To Done List (Please don’t judge me on the pictures, I’m just being real) 🙂
-Organize my vanity. 
I do need to go to the container store to help everything, but for now, we are going to work with what we got!

See what I mean?? Ugh, it bothers me!

-Clean the dinner table.
Wash table cloth and maybe do I new centerpiece. 
Maybe a Valentines centerpiece is in order 🙂
-Do [fold] laundry.
Confession: Myke and I hate folding laundry. We are so bad at it!! We have been forcing ourselves to get used to doing it. We just had to do a load before Myke left. An iron is in need…trust me!

Those are all clean!! I swear!!

-Clean and decorate the bathroom
Growing up my mother did a nice job with making our bathroom as pretty as she could. I mean it’s hard to make the bathroom the “pretty room.” I’m going to do my best, Pinterest is going to be my best friend.

Ugh…let’s make this better!!

-Reorganize the apartment. Badly.
We will be adding a new furniture addition soon, so I’m going to start getting ready for that! We want to paint eventually, but for the time, we are going to work with what we have and then paint and redo decoration later. When the budget allows us 🙂


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