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Baby #2: 23 Weeks

I’m 23 weeks into my second pregnancy. I have to say, I’m in awe of the female body. I’ve been reading blogs for years with women who talked about their bodies before, during, and after pregnancy and now that I’ve experienced it for myself, I gotta say-women are awesome!

Now that I’m well into the second pregnancy and not moving up the state, I’m starting to find my groove a little bit this time around. Since I was working and didn’t have a 10 month old at my feet with Olivia, this is a different experience for me. I also have the blessing of being with my parents and having at least one of them with me at night and weekends. Which I can tell you has helped many times.

One of the biggest obstacles I’m facing is the growth. With Olivia, I was a certain weight before I got pregnant and I was a pretty active person. During my first pregnancy, I was walking, working, and constantly moving. However, when I got to about 30 weeks, I was done. She was breeched and sitting on top of my left hip and it was very difficult to move. Since she was growing a lot more during the last little bit, my left side stretch way farther than my right. So after she was born, my left side was lower than my right. I was able to get down to about 10 pounds above my pre pregnancy weight before I got pregnant again. So now, my left side is giving me a few more growing pains than my right. I’m also bending over and picking up a baby and toys more often, so that’s also different.

I say all of this because I don’t feel as great as I did during my first pregnancy. I starting to feel her move and kick, so that makes me very happy, but I don’t feel that glow that I had with Olivia. I am getting out and walking as much as I can with and without Olivia. She likes to go for a walk, so that helps a lot.

With all of this being said, I’m trying to embrace this pregnancy as much as I can since this is going to be my last pregnancy. Myke and I always talked about having two children and we haven’t changed our minds. When I posted about being pregnant, I mentioned that I was hesitant to have another child after Olivia, so this baby is more significant than most people know. She is going to bring another element of happiness to our home, just like Olivia, and I honestly can’t wait until she is here.

I’ll keep you posted as the time goes on.

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