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I’ve been blessed with pretty awesome skin. All in the genes. However I still freak out whenever I’m picking a face wash. I had been wanting to try the products from Yes To Carrots for quite some time now. I had heard amazing things about their products and there was a Living Social deal that you spend $15 and get $25 to spend on products.

They have different lines of products for different skin types, so I researched and inquired with a couple other people, and I finally settled on Yes To Carrots. It helps with hydrating your skin, which is one of the problems I have. I bought their face wash and a night cream, which is the main item I needed in the first place. I also purchased a packet of their lip butters, which I got a sample of in my Birchbox a while ago and I can’t stop putting it on my lips. So I decided to by the whole packet.

As far as the products themselves go, I love them! They feel like the clean my face and the night cream not only feels good and works on my skin, but it smells good too. The lip butters are all amazing. There are four scents: berry, pomegranate, melon, and mint. The only one I have a complaint on is the berry one. It has a SPF which is awesome, but it goes on white and it makes my lips taste funny. However the other ones are amazing.

I enjoyed these products so much, the other day I went out and purchased the yes to Cucumbers soothing face wipes. I use eye make up remover, but I had been needing something to take off my make up. I love it so far. The wipes cleanse my face, take off my make up, and my face feels so refreshed. They are good for sensitive skin as well.

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