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When I went up north for my cousin’s wedding back in September, I was blessed by my mom and grandma with a shopping trip. Mostly essential items that my mom knew I needed and then a few things jut because. This shirt was one of them. It’s from the Gap, which by the way is the perfect place to get the essentials for your wardrobe.
My mom found this shirt at the front of the store along with a really cute jacket. she liked the combo and thought that I could pull it off. The shirt was $10! 10! My mom grabbed one for me and grabbed one for her. She loves that we now match. She wants me to bring it home for Thanksgiving so we can take more pictures of us matching. That’s my mom for you.
It’s soft, I’m obsessed with the color combo, and it’s the perfect length for me. I plan on buying the other ones in that color

jacket: Wal Mart
shirt: Gap (similar)
jeans: Old Navy, Diva cut
necklace: old Forever 21
shoes: old Steve Madden


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