Wednesday Update

The tree day weekend has thrown me off like no other. I thought yesterday was Wednesday for the first part of the day, the second part I thought it was Monday. To actually make sure I remember the days of the week and what I needed to do those days was write it down. I used to do it all the time in school and it always worked out for me, so I figure that works for me. Anyway, that was a fun fact about yesterday…

Sunday was a fun day because of church and we went to lunch with our pastor, his wife, and his brother. We had a lot of fun conversation and great food. After that Myke and I rushed to my dress fitting for my friend’s wedding in August. Which was fun to see what the dress will look like. Now I know what part of my body to work out. Oh and if anyone has any advice on hair, make-up, and black strappy shoes, let me know!

Sunday was also the night of the famous 6 hour Monopoly game with our friends. Needless to say we decided to start the game earlier on and we might also play Monopoly Cities. So after we cool down from the game, we will play another round ūüôā

Saturday Myke and I went to our gym (trying to loose weight for our two weddings this summer). Then we went to visit our friends and we went into Pasadena, which is one of my favorite towns ever.

Friday Myke and I went and saw Men in Black 3 and we LOVED it! It was so great, the dialogue and the tie ins to the other movies was wonderful and Josh Borlin was incredible!! I would highly recommend seeing it!

Today I’m looking forward to watching Netflix and making some crafty things for the bridal shower I’m going to this weekend, or at least attempt to be crafty…it’s a process.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!! Half way done with the week!!!

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