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Deer Creek Farm and Pumpkin Patch Adventure

My mother in law had her eye on this cute little store in Rocklin called Deer Creek Farm, a 30-minute drive from Sacramento. There is a shop along with a pumpkin patch and she thought the girls would love it too. So we made an afternoon of it and took the girls with us.

We drove up and the shop looked so cute on the outside. We parked around back and they had a whole area where young children like Olivia can play with trucks, fun games, and a tiny jump house-which was Olivia’s favorite.

They had scarecrows all around decorated in cute outfits and pumpkins scattered everywhere of all shapes and sizes.

Olivia picked out a little pumpkin for herself and for Meghan. We gave Meghan hers and she got very upset when we took it away. She hung onto that thing like she would never see it again if I took it away. The shop was just as cute in person as it looked online! They had some great farmhouse like pieces-which I adore.

My mother in law found the sweetest teapot for herself and she treated me to some adorable wooden candy corns. While I don’t have my own space, I’m happy I can share them with my mom and plan for when I have my own space. I took some pictures of some other things I would love to have in my home.

We finished the day with dinner at Burger Lounge. If you haven’t been to one of these places, you gotta go! Their cod sandwich is delicious (my mother in laws favorite) and their chicken nuggets for kids are amazing. Olivia ate all of her nuggets while Meghan helped OJ eat her fries.

If you are in the Sacramento area, you should seriously make it out to this Deer Creek Farm (and store of course).

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