Way Way Way WAY Behind…

So this weekend was a little crazy…If I do say so myself…

Friday after Myke got off work we went straight to Laguna for a church leadership retreat. It took us about 3 hours, but we did get there and had an amazing time with some really sweet people. We talked about the vision of the church and where the plan was hoping to go for the new year. It was a really nice way for Myke and I to get to know the church on a deeper level and since we would like to get more involved in the church, going on this retreat was a good plan. This took up Friday night and Saturday day time…..Saturday night we went out and celebrated our friend’s birthday. That is always a good time and that night was no exception.

Saturday was also a tough-ish day for me. Saturday was the birthday of my late grandfather. He died my sophomore year of college and I miss him still to this day. Don’t worry I didn’t feel sorry that day, instead I said a little prayer and hoped that that day he would be watching over me and still be proud of me and what I have done. I like to think he does that every once and a while.

Sunday was a day that Myke and I needed. As most of you know I work at nights, which obviously means that I don’t spend a lot of nights with my husband. Because of this, Myke and I take our Friday Film nights very seriously, however we did not get one this past Friday. Saturday was spent with friends, which is awesome, but we were exhausted from the event we were at the night before. So when we woke up on Sunday at 10:15 (church starts at 10:30…sorry God) Myke rolled over and asked if I just wanted to have a “Myke and Allison Day.” If you want my honest opinion, I think God knew that we were both in need of a little time with each other and he made that day for us and I’m so glad he did. Myke and I cuddled together and watched Workaolics  on Netflix. I think every couple needs days like this-they need that time together to be in each other’s company, to just simply be together. I needed that little boost and I’m so glad I got it.

Sunday was also Mommy’s birthday so we called her up 🙂

[Also RIP Whitney Huston, my mom played your CD many times while I was growing up, you will be missed, but hopefully you are doing better now-you’re free]

The next day (yesterday) was Monday and Myke had the day off…but I didn’t. So we slept in together, had breakfast and lunch together, watched a little South Park and then I headed off to work. I was sad to leave him, especially on a day off, but as he lovingly put it, someone has to bring home bacon-then we proceeded to talk about how good bacon sounded-yes those are typically how out conversations go.

Anyway, these reasons were the reasons I was way way way WAY behind on posting. I have to admit I actually starte to miss it. Not that I had anything of importance to say, but I missed writing things down and just getting this out of my system. Myke was right-writing this has helped me and having people read and enjoying it helps too 🙂

This weekend was a mix of hanging out with old and new friends and just being together. It was busy yet pretty simple, but this weekend we should be back to normal.

But you never know what might happen…

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