Awkwardly Awesome a little more :)

It’s that time again….Awkwardly Awesome Thursday!!!


-So I was called a not so nice word that starts with a B at work…for explaining how our drink system works. Now granted I was kinda short, but that was only because we had a line of drinks on 2 different counters (if you have ever worked in hospitality, especially a coffeehouse you can get me). Still awkward to say it so I can hear you…

-I’ve been watching Bridzillas on Netflix…all I can say is thank God none of my friends are like that…

-My in-laws got us See’s candy for Valentine’s Day…I have eaten a good portion of them…Thank God I don’t gain weight easily…


-It’s my day off tomorrow. 🙂

-Myke and I are going on a leadership retreat for our new church and we are SO excited to go and get more involved.

Isn’t she beautiful??

-And for the most EXCITING AWESOME NEWS OF THE WEEK…possibly MONTH…my very dear sweet best friend is GETTING MARRIED!!!

Shannon Eshoff is my oldest best friend in the entire world. We were in nursery school together, Sunday school all throughout the years together, liked the same boys, went to high school together, and walked down the graduation aisle together, and now she gets to walk down another aisle!! She is marrying the most wonderful and thoughtful man in the entire world and she derserves it!!

It will be a little difficult because I will be in Southern California while she is in Washington planning (she is going to grad school-she’s super smart), but I will do what I can for her because she deserves it. If that means flying to her, then I will do that.

So again, congrats to the beautiful bride-to-be and I can’t wait to see this process unfold, it will truly be awesome!! 🙂

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