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Valentine’s Day Post

I’ve always liked Valentine’s Day, but not for the reason a lot of people may think.

Ever since I can remember, my dad has made Valentine’s Day very special. He always made sure Sarah and I had a Valentine’s card and a little gift with chocolate. That’s how I always thought of Valentine’s Day-a day to tell the people you love that you love them. Whether it is for a significant other, parent, or friend.

That’s Valentine’s Day. (plus I always got chocolate)

Hallmark has blown this entire day out of proportion. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t give gifts or go out for a nice dinner. If that’s what you like to do and you have the means to do those things, than please go out and do it. However there are people like me, who have to work. In that case, celebrate another day or do breakfast the morning of. I gave my husband gifts on Saturday when we celebrated Valentine’s Day and today I gave him a cute little card. Yes, I think it is a beautiful thing to get flowers and little gifts, however if I don’t get a Tiffany diamond-I think I can survive…for a little bit 😉 Plus he keeps telling me he has a surprise for me…

I’m a horrible daughter and did not send my parents a card, but I think I can make it up to them by sending them a fun home made one with the book that I got. They would like that. That’s what I think of when Valentine’s Day rolls around-my family. Since Myke and I started dating, yes I think of him too, but Valentine’s is about showing love to people around you-not just one person. Today I get to spend a little time with another one of my favorite people. She and I always have fun in whatever we do, so this afternoon is going to be a good one.

This is a pretty short post because like I just said, I have places to go and people (a person) to see. I hope you all have a nice Valentine’s Day.

Hug someone.

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