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Weekend Update <3

This weekend was PERFECT

I had a beautiful weekend. It started out with our Star Wars movie date. It may have been episode 1, but it was still fun to go see it in 3D. Plus I saw it with a real Star Wars nerd, like I ask him a question about a character that they don’t go into too much detail and he tells me all about it. He also will just lean over and tell me something about a character sitting in the back. For example, he said that there was another “Yoda species” on the Jedi council and he told me that George Lucas wants to keep Yoda’s species somewhat of a mystery. I think that’s pretty cool. Plus I love hearing him talk about Star Wars, he’s so cute when he does.

Saturday was our Valentine’s Day.

Back story: Myke and I have been together 3 years-we have only celebrated 1 Valentine’s Day on the actual day. The time we did that, Myke surprised me by taking me to Santa Monica and Bubba Gump. It was so much fun! Myke and I enjoy being in each other’s company more than anything-especially since now we are mostly separated during the week. So this Valentine’s Day, Myke decided to take me to Santa Monica again. Without realizing it we kinda recreated our Valentine’s Day from 2 years ago. We went to the aquarium there, walked down Venice Beach a little. We didn’t go to Bubba Gump, but we found a cute soda fountain called Soda Jerks that hand pump sodas. I got a hand pumped Dr. Pepper and Myke got a chocolate Coke. Both were awesome. We also had Dutch chocolate and white chocolate ice cream. After that we went and spent time with our friends, which is always fun.

Sunday we went to church and saw Myke’s parents

We went to church and spent time with our pastor. We are loving this new church and the people that we have met and spent time with have been wonderful people. Myke and I are hoping to get more involved with the church doing music and helping out with whatever they need help with. Maybe I could help start a coffeeshop…who knows…that actually would be kinda cool.

Another pretty awesome thing that happened this weekend was I got an awesome book on how to handmake different cards. It’s called A Card a Day, over 365 card ideas. I’m excited to start using the book. I wanted to try and make Myke a Valentine’s Card for the actual day, but I can’t really make a card while he is with me all weekend 🙂 But I would rather be with him than make a card for him. (He’s pretty great).

Crafts is something I’m wanting to get into, the only problem is there isn’t really a place to make money off them, except Etsy. I’m not that confident in my crafting skills, but we will see where the crafting road takes me. Maybe it can just be something for me to do for fun, which is totally fine by me.

Last night we met up with Myke’s parents. Myke’s dad is taking some classes in the area and we were able to meet up with them for a little bit and update them on our lives and they update us. It’s good to talk to people who went through what we are going though-just financial crap, good ol’ money. But it was good to see them for a little bit.

This weekend was so wonderful and weekend like this make me so happy that I’m married to Myke. I won’t bore you with my explanations of how much I love my husband cause then people will just roll their eyes and be like shut up. So I will say this-He is the most amazing man I have ever met, hands down.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good weekend as well!


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