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Post Valentine’s Day Post

Even though I worked the night of Valentine’s Day, it was still a great night! Plus I had a good day 🙂

Yesterday my day consisted of hanging out with my friend and tagging along while she got things together for her Valentine’s date. I felt bad that I was tagging along, but we spend time together doing random things and it always is a good time. After I spent time with her I went to work.

Work was pretty fun, we all were just working hard, but it was pretty empty. We pretty much were cleaning and waiting for people to come in. The longest rush we had was about 10 people and we were on top of it! It was actually a fun night because we all talked about what we have done on past Valentine’s and some people did things during the day. We also talked about what our parents used to do for us. However, if you remember my last post, Myke kept telling me I was getting a surprise. Well I was bugging him all day and he kept telling me to be patient…

Well I was getting ready to go on dinner break and all of a sudden my hubby comes walking in with a bouquet of flowers and on his way to get dinner for both of us. All I could do was hug the man. This was the perfect surprise, I miss Myke so much during the week and to have drive a hour to my job and then a hour back home spoke volumes to me on how much he loved me. We sat and talked, like we usually do on my break, but it was just so nice to hold his hand while talking to him.

Today is going to be pretty good-I’m hoping to visit my friend at work (which is a coffeeshop about 10 minutes from my job), which actually is pretty fun and I’m hoping to get some reading done while I’m there. I love reading in coffeeshops, it’s one of my favorite things.

[Today is also Pay Day, so that makes it a good day as well :)]

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