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Tuesday Madness

 These past two days have been so crazy.
Myke and I got back from a much needed family vacation and it was truly a blessing. To sit and catch up with my family and to hear what is going on in their lives is so much fun for me. Plus this was the first time Myke spend any real time with my dad’s side of the family and he had a great time. The boys went golfing Saturday while the girls went and got manicures and did some window shopping. My cousin’s wife (so kinda my cousin) showed us some of her favorite spots, she used to live in the area so she knew where to get good food and great shoes ­čÖé
Sunday was fun, Myke cooked French toast for my mommy and we gave her a card and watched┬áModern Family´╗┐┬á(one of my mom’s favorite shows) season 2 Mother’s Day episode. It was nice to be with them on Mother’s Day and catch up on life and what was going on my life. Them and the rest of my family lifted my spirits even more about the job situation and that was truly a blessing.

After the traditional family photo, Myke and I took off home and called his mother from the road. It was sad we couldn’t be with them, but we will be with them soon enough ­čÖé We got home and took it easy and I got ready for my final two days of work.

Today was the last day working at the coffeshop and as sad as I am, I am at peace. God has granted me calmness for what is coming, I don’t know why, so it must be something good-right? I was blessed today with two dear people visiting me, Jake and Kalani, and some customers gave me best wishes as I left, which was nice. It’s sad to leave, but exciting to see what is next.

Right now my husband is cooking a recipe that we (him, but on┬ámy page┬áobviously) found on Pinterest and are going to spend another night together and that to me is the most exciting thing about moving on. I’m not alone and I get to come home to him.

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