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If there is one thing in the world that you need to know about my husband is he loves to cook. He may not look like it when you first see him, but he really does love to cook. Well we got home from work and we were both super tired, so we were just lounging around and I was on Pinterest (of course). He won’t admit it often, but he likes when I look at the food on Pinterest, which is what I was doing at the time.

I found really interesting looking food item, pepperoni pizza muffins. One thing my husband and I love is pepperoni pizza, so when we found this his eyes lite up! He had me click on the recipe and was quiet for a few minutes. He turned his head and says, “We have to go to the store.” He jumped up put his shoes on and kept yelling at me to get ready cause we HAD to make these pepperoni muffins.

So we went to the store and Myke wanted to make them. So I sat on the bed and worked on my blog while my husband worked on the pizza muffins…

Basically you mixed flour with baking soda, pepperoni, oregano, milk, mozzarella cheese, and a few other items.

You bake them in the oven for a little while…
Here was our finished product. Myke added cheddar cheese because he loves cheese so much and he also sprinkled some on top. 
They were amazing!! Here is the original post, so you can look at a real recipe and not just my silly attempt to tell you. Please try them!! You will not regret it!!! 

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