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Awkward but Awesome Thursday

This week has been so crazy. The coffeehouse has gone into summer hours, therefore I don’t close at 1am (Hallelujah), however this week, I come in at noon and leave at 8:30. Which isn’t the worst! I clean and serve a few handfuls of people from time to time (grad classes and summer school). But that’s my excuse for not writing so much, but hopefully things will change. Believe it or not, many awkward things still happen, even when there aren’t many people around…and maybe that’ a good thing for me…


-Well when a coffeehouse is closed, chairs are up, the one person working there is up to her ears in washing dishes, and music is blasting, what is the first thing you do?…yes you go in and ask for her to make her a drink! Correct answer! NOT! She comes in and asked if I could make her a drink and I was like well we are closed… She still pressured me to give her a drink! I was like umm well I’m kinda busy with closing the shop so I can close to drive a hour home (no I did not say this! I would never! However I did think it-I think a lot of things in my head, I have a pretty good filter). She walked out looking disappointed like I had ruined her whole night. What does a coffeehouse being closed mean to you?

-So the coffeehouse is open until 8, I’ve gotten the routine of people stop coming in around 6:30ish to about 7. 7:30 is when I start closing everything up. But what do I do while I wait to close…simple. Read! I feel bad, but you can only do so much cleaning people!! Trust me! I have rewashed dishes that aren’t even being used!!

-People have introduced themselves to me and saying we are going to be good friends this summer because they will be in the coffeehouse a lot…it makes me want to cry 🙁

With every awkward thing comes something…


-I got to spend every night with the hubby this week!! So grateful and so thankful!!

-I get my sewing machine this weekend! I have only worked one once in my entire life, so I’m off to a great start 🙂

-FAMILY VACATION IS THIS WEEKEND!!!! Well Davis (Dad’s) family weekend. We are going to Parjaro Dunes, which is very close to Monetary Bay. We are going to a house by the beach to relax and enjoy time with my family and extended family. This used to be a yearly thing, but we had to stop for a while because of budget, but we picked it up this year 🙂 so excited!!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!! I know I am so far!!

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