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Rainy Day Activities at Home

After living in Los Angeles for 6 years, I’m so happy that we get to write one of these posts. Having grown up in Sacramento, I know that rainy days are frequent, especially in January. I knew I was going to need some things lined up for rain and for extremely cold mornings. We have had some super cold mornings (below 40 degrees) the past few weeks and I didn’t think the girls would be comfortable. They are little troopers, but I don’t like feeling their cold little hands when we get inside. Olivia will wear mittens and have her hot chocolate, but Meghan doesn’t like keeping her hands under the blanket let alone keeping the blanket on her legs. We’ve tried to wait to do walks in the afternoon when it’s a little warmer, plus we have Daddy home which they love. \

Here are some things I do with the girls in the morning and/or when it’s raining.

Coloring! Olivia has fallen in love with coloring and I’m here for it. I used to love coloring has a little girl and to see her get so excited to scribble on paper makes my heart so happy. We also include stickers from the Target dollar spot. I also found some activity books during the holiday that she loves to do. She doesn’t do the actual activities, but she scribbles her little heart out.

Mega Blocks. These were handed down to us from my cousin and his family (thanks again Caitlin and Kev!). They love them! Olivia loves to build different things and Meghan loves taking them out of the box and putting them back in the box. The best thing is I don’t have to worry about them swallowing them since they are on the bigger side. We have Myke’s old Legos waiting for them at his parent’s house when they are a bit older so this is a good little preview for them.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie on Amazon. Before I continue, I’m not a big fan of sticking kids in front of the TV “just because”. Olivia really didn’t start watching TV until she was 2. Myke and I are extremely picky about what we watch, not only for the girls but for us as well. We watched a few different kids shows together to see what we would let the girls watch. Olivia has become obsessed with If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. We’ve mentioned it before but it’s quiet, teaches manners, and Olivia has really expanded her vocabulary after watching it. We only watch TV in the morning. If we watch anything in the afternoon, we limit it to one movie.

Dance Party. Olivia has become quite the little dancer. She loves listening to music and then dancing her little heart out. Meghan gets into the groove too, her go-to move is “squat and clap.”

Lastly, we put on our jackets and rain boots and go play in the rain! It’s messy, they get muddy and wet, but that’s what Spray ‘n Wash is for. Then when the girls come in, we change into sweatshirts and comfy pants and eat a snack while we warm up.

What are some of your favorite rainy day activities? Let us know down in the comments!

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