Trying Something new on this Gloomy Monday…

So I was thinking over the weekend, people do fun things when they write blogs-like Awkwardly Awesome Thursdays and High Five for Fridays, it got me thinking on what I could do on another day of the week. I was talking with my husband on some ideas, cause he is a good person to bounce ideas off of.

Now a little context to this conversation. This was on Saturday and Myke and I along with a few of our friends had seen The Hunger Games the night before. Well…I loved it. That alone is an understatement. So I had been going on and on and ON about how much I loved it. In this Saturday conversation my husband bought up the fact that I as obsessed I was about this movie and about other films. So my blog should be about films. So I thought maybe something like Movie Review Monday, the name stuck and Myke even suggested a “Date Night Rating” since he and I obviously see these movies on date nights, but one reason was because our first date movie night was not the most apropriate thing on the planet (Role Models and Soul Plane).

The date night rating will be on a scale of 1-5, 5 being perfect, 4 being pretty good, 3 being maybe/depends on the couple, 2 being eh, 1 being no thank you

So without further delay…Ladies and Gentlemen….

Movie Review Monday!!!

The gloom outside, which I love, reminds me of District 12 in The Hunger Games movie that came out this past Friday. Apparently, according to articles I have read and seen on Facebook they have shattered all expectations for opening day and what looks like opening weekend, the only two movies ahead of it are Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and Batman: The Dark Knight.

(If you are interested, here is one article/blog: Weekend Box Office)

Anyway, I had obviously wanted to see it, since I had read the books and my friend Brie and I cannot stop talking about them! So she and I dragged her boyfriend, my husband, and our other guy friend to this movie and were on the edge of our seats. She and I loved it! We loved the way they took the parts of the movie that needed to be put in and took out the parts that were not so useful/not movie material. That is always an issue with people though-one thing about books in to movies is you can’t have everything, or else it wouldn’t be a good movie, plus it wouldn’t make the book so special. That’s why whenever I go see a movie that is based on a book (this or Harry Potter) I put the book aside and just enjoy what the movie is doing. People must not have minded too much if they broke so many freaking records!!

The cast was incredible. They compiled a wonderful array of people that not only are well known, but some that are known but not in the main stream and they are fantastic at acting. They pulled off all the characters brilliantly.

As far as the Date Night Rating, I would say it would be a 5 and here is why-the girls enjoy it because about 99% or them have read the book, it has got two good looking gentlemen in it, and it has a strong lead female heroine. Guys would like it because it is good science fiction (if you are into that, like Myke is), good looking female lead, and even if you hadn’t read the book, maybe it would get you to read it. Plus as my father-in-law says to my husband, it gets you major brownie points with the girl! (he’s been saying that to him since we were dating).

I’m going to own this movei when it is released on DVD and now I just have to wait until the end of NEXT YEAR fo the next movie (not to happy about that, but I guess they have their reason).

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

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