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Awkwardly Awesome Thursday…kind of…

Today is Awkwardly Awesome Thursday and I welcome you to it, however there is one thing on my mind today and it isn’t really this blog post (sorry). Yes there were a few awesome things that happened this week and there definitely were some awkward ones, but this morning when I woke up I felt something else on my brian and I read it in my devotional today…

a time for everything and everything in its time (Ecclesiastics 3:1)

Let’s make that awesome thing number 1 🙂 it’s hard to remember this, but it’s true. There is a time for everything and it isn’t our time schedule unfortunately.

Awesome 2: Pay Day is tomorrow!! When you live on pay check to pay check, you start to become a little more excited for these days…

Awesome 3: We found out this week that Myke’s best friend has officially decided to move to California. Both Myke and his friend are very very excited for this new adventure and I am too.


Yesterday was awkward-I had a lot of people ask me questions that I normally wouldn’t think need to be questions, but that is the joy of working in customer service, and quite honestly, I don’t mind it too much-when it happens at 1am…ask me then…

Here a few of the gems:

Customer: “What is a blended Carmel Machiato?”

Employee: Well it’s like our regular hot/iced one, just made with vanilla powder and blended.

C: Oh so it’s like a regular one?

E: (pause) yes…

Customer: Is this mine?

Me: I apologize I don’t know what you ordered, but that is a cappuccino.

C: But is this mine?

Me: What did you order?

C: A cappuccino

Me: Well then that’s yours.

I went on my dinner break after that because we had just had a mad rush in which I was told I need to go faster, by a customer…girl please..

Awkward 2: I burned myself not once, not twice, but three times in the past two days. Like two of the burns are still lingering on my hand/finger…I’m not usually like that…

There are always awkward moments in every job, it’s the fact that once you get past them, you can laugh about them in the end. I know many of you won’t  understand or think what I said was funny, but I hope that what you get from this is, be kind to your baristas and other people who are serving you. You don’t know the day they just had/are having/what a customer/employee just said to them. Just be kind, they are people with feelings too.

I hope everyone has an Awesome Thursday!! It’s almost the weekend, hang in there!!

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