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Labor Day 2018

We’ve been a little quiet over here the last week. Two weeks ago, little OJ decided it would be good to practice her swan dive off the couch and ended up having a black eye. I felt awful so I just turned everything off and was just with her for the week. 

The initial fall was terrifying and she cried and cried. However we woke up the next day and she was back to her normal self, just with a nice puffy black eye. We talked to the doctor and she said that everything was totally fine and it would just need time to heal. I was relieved but I still felt bad, I mean who wouldn’t. 

Her puffy eye went down after about 24 hours and then she had a little bruise for the rest of the week. Her eye looked normal last Friday-pretty much a week after the dive.

This past Labor Day we payed it extremely low key. The last few Labor Days, Myke has had to work or we had something planned. So we decided to just go to his parents house and hang out for the day.

I love days like this with his parents. We talk, they play with Olivia, and I get to rest for a day.

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