Top Pin Thursday and a Little Extra

This week has been full of work and extra work. Between switching shifts at work to move on Saturday and working with boxes and packing, it can be a little stressful. Myke has been doing most of the work and I’m even more thankful for him now more than ever. We have moved a few times in our lives, so he and I are pretty smart movers. Things have been put in boxes, big items have been wrapped, and the walls are now bare. As I sat on our bed, looking around the apartment I reflected on our time here at the studio apartment.

-This was the first place Myke and I called home. Even though we weren’t too fond of it, we still called it home.

Our bare walls 

-This is where Myke and I recorded our first song together.

-This place was the longest Myke had ever lived in a place since 2007.

-This is where Myke and I had our first real marriage fight and where we figured out we are better now because of that fight.

-Our first Christmas together was here. We got a little tree and little ornaments, but kept saying that our next place will be way better than this one.

-We made plans for our next home in this apartment. We kept talking about how the next place will be bigger and better.

Now we found a place that is.

Based on this week’s events it has been a little difficult to go on Pinterest. I know I know, it’s hard to believe, but I was able to get a few pins in.

Admit it, you want a list just like this 🙂
It’s too true not to pin 

On another happy note, I got a manicure at work! It was a nice little treat in the middle of the work day. Plus it was nice to get something before the big move. Now I have beautiful fall nails!

The color is OPI Vampsterdam


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