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I’m Loved


Sunday was definitely fun day. I woke up to my husband rolling over and saying Happy Birthday accompanied by his “lovely” morning breath. We got up and got dressed, I wore my new dress that Mom bought me in Carmel, and we headed to church. I have to tell you, there is no where else I would rather be than in church on my birthday. I mean it would have been nice to sleep in, but that’s how much I love Jesus and my church.

After church we had a few of our closest friends over to our home and Myke made us homemade pizza and got a cake from Vons aka the BEST cake ever! He was so good to me all day. He felt bad because he ordered my gifts, but they were not shipped in time to get here. He got me the boot cuffs and planner from my wish list! Isn’t he the sweetest?! He told me what he got me so I wouldn’t think he didn’t get me anything. I look at it as my birthday will come around again for a split second when the gifts come!

On a different note, I have signed up for two different fitness regiments for the month of June. One is #1000in30, 1,000 minutes of fitness in 30 days, the month of June. Also I’m going to work on my abs a little bit more. I’m a terrible person and didn’t do fitness yesterday, I figured it was my birthday and I can have a day off. I will be going to the gym for a hour today after work. I am able to go to the actual gym 4 out of the 5 work days and I will be doing that, especially during these summer months.
The last words I said before I dozed off were, I’m loved. I definitely felt that yesterday.

P.S. Can you believe it is already June?? This year is going by so fast.

P.P.S. Did anyone else feel that mini earthquake last night here in LA?


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