I’m Back On!

The internet has been hooked up in our apartment and I can officially blog once again!

This past week has been so crazy and overwhelming it feels good to finally sit down and rest. I have been looking forward to writing down my adventures over the past few days and now that we have internet, I can do that.

-Saturday: The move went amazingly well! While the men were busy moving and doing the heavy lifting, I was in charge of looking after my pastor’s 2 year old son. He was amazingly adorable and I had a somewhat easy job while the men were being awesome.

-Sunday: We took the day off church and we slept in and did two more smaller moves on our own. Myke was a trooper cleaned the old apartment and I stayed in the new one and started unpacking and then attempting to organize a little. That will be mostly what I’m doing on my day off tomorrow.

I took a whole bunch of pictures during this weekend and I’m hoping to get ready and really fix the place up. We are going to paint and rearrange things and make it look more like our apartment. So please bear with all these pictures…they aren’t the best, but I can’t help but love my new place!!

Goodbye studio!!

My only battle scar from the day

Hello moving van!!
My buddy for the day!
Boxes everywhere!
Pretty kitchen with washer and dryer hook up
Entry way (to be repainted)
Don’t worry, everything is put together now
My vanity!!
Our soon to be studio and craft area
Awesome fireplace

More boxes!
This cart helped out a lot that day.  

We need to save up for the renovations, but stay with me until then! 

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