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The Joy of a Cupcake

There is something about cupcakes that just makes my heart smile. The same goes for most of the people I know. Especially my mother in law. I love that about her. She loves cupcakes! It has almost become a family tradition, Myke and I went on our anniversary, I’ve gone with friends, and we went yesterday.

We went to Crumbs, the same place we went for our anniversary.  So yesterday when we were doing our afternoon date, we stopped by and picked up a few cupcakes for us and for our friends. We hadn’t hung out with them for a while, so we decided to attack them with cupcakes. We ended up staying over and going to dinner and having beautiful conversation with two people that we cherish. We played with  their kids and had a beautiful night.

Isn’t it amazing what buying a simple cupcake will do?

Don’t worry, we didn’t get the big big ones, even though they looked amazing! 
P.S. I need to get better at taking pictures. 

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