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Under the Weather

So I haven’t really been feeling the best lately. I have been working every day the past 2 weeks (minus Sundays) and it kind of hit me at once Plus, to top everything off, on the 4th I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking and I ran into a piece of ply wood running full force. So my foot has been hurting every time I take a step. Plus doing walking tours every day, doesn’t help it much.

However, when I’m not feeling the best there are a few things that I do that make me feel a little better and I thought I would share some items with you.

A nice hot bath. I love a hot bath no matter what, and there is something about soaking your feet and body a bath. Bubbles of course can always be added.

Soft music. I like listening to music at any time, but especially when I’m not feeling my best. Just keeps my mind off some things. A couple of my favorites are John Mayer and Jack Johnson.

A good book. I have a list of books I have to read. Right now I’m in the middle of re-reading Captivating, a book about the soul of a woman. I loved it when I read it in college, now it’s still a good reminder of keeping myself in mind during crazy times in life.

A cup of tea. I love me a good cup of coffee, but tea is a wonderful alternative. My most recent favorite one is Lemon Chamomile from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf with a little of honey. It feels great on my throat and it tastes amazing.

A blanket. Sounds strange, but I love to cuddle up in bed or on the couch with a big blanket and just feel comfort. There’s nothing like it.

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