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Pink and Me

I’m not the biggest pink person. When I was little I was all about blue and green. I knew girls when I was little that would just wear pink, pink, pink, and more pink. I don’t mind that, it’s just not for me.


As time as gone on, I’m starting to like pink more and more. I think what I have to concentrate on is just using it in doses. I know that may sound obvious, but it’s almost like it all clicked in my head one day. One way of me doing that is putting pink on my phone. Thanks to Aubrey and her designs I’ve been able to do. I will be in a wedding in a few months and she is having us wear a soft pink and I was surprised that I loved it when I first saw it. A good start! Also thanks to Pinterest I’m starting to find a few different outfits to try as well.




Of course, Aubrey designed a beautiful simple design this week for her Friday Freebie! Go snag yours!


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