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Sunny Day in Florida


You know those days where you just really enjoy the outfit you’re in? You can’t find the exact words, but you feel beautiful, feminine, and cool all at the same time? That is what this outfit did for me. I wore this on Sunday while we were visiting Niana and Taylor’s church and Taylor’s school. This was the first day that it wasn’t thunder-storming. It’s the perfect amount of comfy and maxi. This shirt is my latest purchase and I’m in love with it. I mean head over heels, it’s nylon so it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. I have also been wanting to try a button up collar and I have to say, I’m digging this trend. Myke loved my outfit and took pictures of me while we were walking around the town Taylor and Niana spent so much time together. It was perfect.

Shirt – Forever 21
Skirt – Macy’s
Rose Gold Bracelets – Forever 21
Earrings – Stell & Dot
Sunglasses – Cotton On
Purse – Off Broadway
Shoes – Old Navy



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