fearless oj

Fearless OJ and the Trampoline

They say that Daredevil is the “Man Without Fear” well, I think I’ve found the toddler without fear. Olivia is quite possibly the best kind of fearless, not the reckless, leap without looking over the edge fearless. She is sometimes cautious at the beginning of a new experience, not fearful, it’s almost like shes scoping it out. Once she seems to have the lay of the land however, she goes non stop, full steam ahead.

fearless oj

I love this about her! A little bit ago we went to go have dinner with some family friends of Allison. Olivia hadn’t met them yet, or ever been to their house. When we first walked in the door Olivia was just staring at everyone. Not moving or saying anything. She just watched.

Our in-laws and the family we were visiting wrongly interpreted this as her being afraid. Since Allison and I know her very well, we knew what she was doing. She was merely scoping things out. I said, “Oh give her like 10 minutes and she’ll be owning this place.”

Sure enough, not 10 minutes later, she was racing up stairs and boldly walking into people’s bedrooms because she saw a guitar. She got the lay of the land and was then fearless.

At some point in the evening Olivia wanted to go walk around outside, so we did, our hosts also happened to have a trampoline. Olivia walked us over to it and wanted to stand on it. At first she seemed a little confused about why the floor had so much give. After a few steps the fearless girl was bouncing on the trampoline by herself (holding onto my hand of course).

After dinner Olivia went down to the trampoline with our hosts two daughters, Lizze and Lexi, and that was when she really let loose! She was running and laughing and jumping and didn’t want to stop, she just kept saying “more, more!”.

fearless oj

This is the kind of daughter I want to raise, and perfectly reflects her namesake which I talk about here. I want her to be cautiously fearless. To look, at least for a second, then once she’s decided to leap, to leap wholeheartedly.

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