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H54F: Comics, more Florida, and a Surprise

2014-05-08 22.01.11
For those of you who don’t know, Myke is a huge comic nerd. He loves his comics, so by association, I listen to him retell the stories. I have to admit, they are well written stories. One of my favorite heroes is Batman and there is a new TV show called Gothom. The trailer for the show was released this week and I cannot wait to start watching it!

Staying on the nerdy point, we saw Spider-man 2 this weekend while in Florida and it was awesome! I was excited to see it ever since I saw the first one. When we go see a movie, I try not to expect too much from the movie, just so I’m not disappointed. This one did not disapoint. It was well written and well told. Loved it.

Obviously I’m still on a little bit of a Florida high and you will be seeing more pictures from our trip next week here on the blog, we took a lot. My next mini vacation is coming up next weekend. My dad’s side of the family goes on a special trip once a year and the time has come again. Myke is unable to attend due to finals and no vacation days, but he encouraged me to go and spend time with my family. I’m lucky to have someone who understands what my family means to me.

While we were in Florida, the Clements brothers went and got tattoos together. They had been planning this event for the past year and it is a combonation of Taylor’s graduation and Myke’s upcoming 25th birthday gifts. It is Hebrew for “brotherhood.” This brings Taylor’s tattoo count to 1 and Myke’s to 4. I got to attend the big event and I have a feeling the more I go, the more nerve I’m going to get to get one of my own.

While in Florida this weekend, I got to spend a little extra time with Niana. That was really special for me because of the obvious point that she’s going to be my sister in law very soon. She shocked me on Sunday, asking me in a very nice note if I would be one of her bridesmaids. I cried and nodded. I felt so special and honored to have a role on their speical day.
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