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Remember Dunkaroos?

Remember back in the day when you would trade food? I usually traded my cookies for something like pudding or something else that was sweet. Myke usually trade parts of his Lunchables for Dunkaroos. So you can imagine his excitement when I showed him this recipe. 
I found it through my friend and pastor Melanie. She thought it would be right up my alley, and I have to admit it is. Simple and quick. 
Of course it was found on Pinterest, the link was to a really sweet blog called Lee, Me, and the Girls Finding Our Way
The recipe is simple:
Funfetti Cake Mix
Cool Whip
The reason I didn’t give you the measurements is because that depends on how you want your dip to taste. 
I was making it for my friend Brigette’s baby shower and so I needed to make a somewhat big amount. Here are our notes:
We started out with  
1 box of cake mix, 10 ounces of yogurt, and 5 ounces of Cool Whip. 
We started out with that because the original recipe called for:
3 tblsp of Cake Mix
2 tblsp of yogurt
1 tblsp of Cool Whip
Since this is a recipe for about 1 serving, we converted the measurements to use the whole box of cake mix. However we decided to just add in another box of cake mix and of course another 10 ounces of yogurt, and 5 ounces of Cool Whip. 
Enlisted the hubby to mix 🙂
Best piece of advice! Taste! 
We decided to add in a little more yogurt because we wanted to tone down the sweetness because it can be a little on the sweet side.
We do have a stand mixer and we considered using it for the dip, but we wanted our dip to be thicker, so mixed it with a spoon first, then a whisk, and then a spoon again. We liked the thickness of our dip, but that’s just us.
You are more than welcome to try to make it with a stand mixer and let me know if it works.
That’s the awesome thing about this recipe, you can make it your own.
If you love sweet, then this is great for you! 
For dipping? We used Nilla Waffers and graham crackers. 
Photo from Melanie Dawne 


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