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My Camera

I love photos. I love the idea of freezing a moment in time. Especially now that I have a child, I find those moments come up a lot more often. What’s even more important is I know what moments are great to snap a picture and I know when the moments I need to just be in.

I’ve had this blog for awhile now and since the beginning I have wanted to take better photos. I knew we couldn’t afford a camera in the early days of the blog, but I had always hoped that one day I would be able to have one and I can practice taking pictures.

With the big move up to Sac being around my birthday, I was not expecting anything crazy. Moving is expensive and I knew that moving across the state was going to be even more expensive, so I had already prepared myself to not have a big birthday this year. I had requested that once we are in Sac, I wanted to go to Leatherby’s, which we did. I had thought that this was it, but I forgot I was married to Myke. He loves to surprise me and when he pulled out a big birthday bag, I was upset at first. Like I had mentioned earlier, I had known the spot we were in, but he assured me that this was purchased a little bit ago and it was a really good deal. I sighed and opened the gift. It was a beautiful Cannon EOS all for myself. I didn’t know what to say so he went on to explain that he had hoped this would help me learn my own camera and then I can learn the best way to take video and pictures. Plus this was a good time to start learning since we have a beautiful little model. I can’t argue with him on that.

With that being said, here are some photos of little OJ playing in her room. She thought her new diapers were her drum set.


P.S. Sorry there’s no vlog this week. Myke was tired.

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