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One of the Most Wonderful Days of the Year

It really is because today was the day my best friend was born.

You have heard me talk about her many times before from her engagement to her bridal shower, and I’m sorry if you are getting annoyed, but wouldn’t you be excited for your best friend’s birthday/wedding month. How fun is it that this month is not only her birthday month, but her wedding month too??

The DAY I came back from being abroad, Shan came over and surprised me with this

The summer we interned together for Jr. High ministries

I won’t go into too much on how amazing she is because that would take up about 10, 000 blog posts. I’m not kidding. I can’t help but brag about her being my best friend and long to be living close to her so I can just run over to her house and annoy her while she studies and becomes way smarter then she already was before. Nothing would give me more pleasure to live close to her and knock on her door every Saturday night for a double date dinner with our two amazing husbands. To share that with her would mean the world to me and more.

Senior Ball!!

My wedding and now it’s her time!

As we can all tell, I love my best friend. I love to embarrass her and shower her with attention and she can’t stand it. I just love showing how much I love her and how much I admire her. She is one of the smartest, kindest, sweetest, giving, caring, and happiest person I have ever met and I’m so blessed and honored to call her my oldest best friend.

I’ll shut my mouth now because we all know when her wedding rolls around (August 18) there is going to be a lot more pictures and love shown.

Shannon, I love you with all my heart. You will always and forever will be my best friend. I’m only a text away. I miss you terribly. I hope you had a wonderful day.


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