I Gave In…

One thing I do have to admit about having a day off and living with someone….you can’t really go back to sleep after they go to work! Unless you try super super hard… unfortunately I’m wide awake and I like to think that is his fault because he gave me coffee.

Anyway, what’s new in my life?…Well…

We started Insanity.

Is anyone else creeped out about how ripped he is or is it just me?

Yes. We gave in.

Myke and I are doing Insanity and I must say we are insane for doing so. Seriously. Oh my lanta, my body hasn’t been screaming in this much pain in a ver long time. We are only on Day 2 and we feel we are the fattest people on the planet (we know we aren’t but you try Insanity Day 1 and see how you feel!)

We are trying to be in shape and I’m trying to look as good as I can for the wedding that is coming up THIS month! Plus I just want to look healthy while I’m eating my cupcakes and pizza, is that too much to ask?

Oh by the way, the picture of them jumping like that…done it…OW…

So I’m writing to you as a lazy sore bum today and I hope everyone has a beautiful Wednesday. I’m going to go see what’s happening in these Olympics people keep talking about. That and clean, if my body will let me…

Happy Wednesday!

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