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Myke’s Birthday

Myke’s birthday was last Saturday and he was one happy camper. He had been wanting to get a membership to Six Flags Magic Mountain for a while, so I knew I was going to get him one for his birthday. I feel bad mostly because I’m not the biggest roller coaster person there is and Myke LOVES roller coasters. We got him a gold membership, meaning it’s a little more expensive, but we get free parking. Mine is a regular one, but I will only be going with Myke. Luckily we have a few friends who have passes as well. I had told him what my plan was so we would be able to purchase them before we got to the park.

We started out the day with breakfast in bed and a small “day of” gift from me. Then we were off to Magic Mountain!

Birthday Boy now Gold member

Wife. Regular member

We can use this all season long and get like $1 refills. 

My favorite ride!

Little Justice League town 

Superman’s phone booth!

It was an awesome day! Now we will be able to go more often through out the year. Maybe I’ll be a roller coaster girl yet.


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