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Amusement Park Outfit

How do you dress for an amusement park? You are running around, it’s hot, and you will be tossed around on rides all day long. So of course you would wear a cut off shirt, booty shorts, or a tank cut along the back and/or the side so you can see your sexy bra. Right? Oh no? Well that’s what I saw all day long. It was gross.

So what do I wear? Not any of those items, I will tell you that!
shirt: Old Navy
shorts: Old Navy (old)
shoes: TOMS

I just bought this shirt from Old Navy and I love it! I’ve wanted a shirt like that for a while. They are great. I did put sunscreen on! My shorts were nice, and I wore TOMS so my shoes wouldn’t fall off during the rides. Also, my hair was in a braid. With my head being tossed around I didn’t wear a ponytail or I would have been adjusting it the whole time. Granted, my braid was coming undone by the end of the day, but it was nice to have my hair pulled back. Oh and Myke holds my phone and my cards. He wears his cargo shorts so they can snap close. He’s my purse for the day. 
I will need to keep these things in mind because now we have a pass!


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