Running = Therapy

Ever since I started doing Nutirsystem, I have also started working out a little bit more. I started out doing Jillian Michaels, which is an amazing program and I’m seeing positive results, I just wanted a little bit more.

I started running again. I was a pretty avid runner in high school and I loved doing it, but between classes, friends, a boyfriend-eventual husband, planning a wedding, moving, I got off track a little bit. I’m the first to admit that I haven’t been the best at working out in the past year, but I’m happy to say that thanks to Nutrisystem, I have gotten somewhat back on track. I even downloaded an app that will help me train for a 5k. Which I love.

When I came back from my first day of running I felt alive again. I felt stronger than I had felt in a long time. The more I ran, the stronger I felt. The more I ran, the calmer I was at night and slept better. I started to remember the way I felt when I was in high school and when I ran. I enjoyed it, but it also helped with my overall thinking. After I came back from running, I was on a running high and decided to seriously consider a goal that I have thought about for a very long time. I want to run a half marathon in 2014. This is something that I have been considering for a while. My dad has run two marathons and I’m no where near ready for that, but a half, doable.

Have you ever ran a half marathon? Marathon? Any advice for a first timer?


  • Sarah Skubic

    As someone who has done one of each. I did things ass backwards. I did a full last year and a half about 3 weeks ago. My advice to you to don’t get discouraged, training for a full marathon is a journey and once you complete it one of the most rewarding experiences that you will ever have. Also pick a marathon and or a half (most people do a half to lead up to the full in training for the full) that is reasonable. I did the CIM which is a great race and one that many first timers use for their first marathon because its aggregate down hill. I did it in the pouring rain with 40 mph head winds so last years was a bit tougher but in general its a great first marathon. Good luck and if you need any other advice or cheering, let me know.

  • Annelise Rowe

    Just run and do what feels good. You’re doing it the same way I do… keep it up and if you need a good training program, google Hal Higdon. His are the best! I prefer his novice programs 🙂

  • Allison Clements

    That’s what I’m doing now. The half marathon that I want to do isn’t for at least another year, so I’m just doing what feels good now. I will definitely look him up, I’ll take all the help I can get.

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