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Lazy Girl Friday

Today is usually the day when I sit around and wait for Myke to get home from work and then we go on our date night. When you work Monday-Thursday night, you take this date night very seriously. I always look forward to Friday, however today was the Friday I was not looking forward to.

Myke works for a wonderful company and once a year this company is part of a huge music convention called NAMM. The event goes from Wednesday to Sunday afternoon…Myke left Wednesday…yes I’m being the typically winey newlywed that is sad about being separated from her husband for the first time. Have no fear-this is not one of those posts.

This Friday is going to be a different one for me. I’m still going to relax today, but then I’m going to watch a movie tonight. Your first thought might be, wow what a party animal-staying in and watching a movie, slow down there you maniac. Hear me out, I’m married to a nerd, a very lovable music and comic nerd. So he likes his comic movies and his action movies and trust me, I love action movies-Star Wars, Indiana Jones, I love those movies. However I am also a girl and every so often girls need to have a night dedicated to their girly side. Those nights may consist of things like watching a movie like The Notebook, doing their nails, drinking wine, talking/gossiping, maybe even crafts like sewing (once I get my sewing machine I will).

Now I adore my husband, but I haven’t had a girl’s night since the night before I was married. One thing I have learned after being with Myke for a long time is he can handle the occasional girl movie night and when I say occasional I mean my birthday and maybe Valentine’s Day. Plus I’m not one of those wives that makes him watch certain movies with, that’s why I have my girlfriends! 🙂

Lazy Girl Friday…this may end being a good Friday after all.


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