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Today is the Day

Today is the day my husband FINALLY comes home. That’s all on that issue 🙂

Today is also the day I know my family (the Davis family) is very excited for…the 49er game. Now I’m going to be honest, I am a fan by association, I was raised in a Bay area sports team loving household. We love our Giants, sometimes the A’s, we are torn between Sac Kings and Golden State (born and raised in Sac, you gotta have the hometown representation) and we love our 49ers. However I have to be honest, I didn’t pay too much attention to the 49ers this year, things have been a little crazy this past football season, however I have been keeping up with them online and I am so proud. I’m not claiming to be the biggest 49er fan ever, I would call myself a half fan. I do not brag about it on Facebook of Twitter, I don’t claim to know everything about the team and I don’t pretend to. I like watching football, I will watch football when it’s on and if it is the 49ers, even better. I mostly like watching them with my family, if I’m not with my family, watching football isn’t much fun to me. I absolutely love watching football with my dad. I love watching any sports event with my dad.

My dad and I have a special connection through our love of sports. He is a basketball coach and when I was little he used to take me and my sister to practices and games. Sometimes we got to go to other sports games like baseball and football. I think tat’s one reason why I love sports. I don’t keep up with them too much, but every so often I look up my teams and read reviews of games, yes I’m that fan.

I do have to say, just because I don’t watch every single game-I don’t think it makes me not a fan. Not a loyal one yes, but I’m still interested in the teams and I like watching them play. I also haven’t had a good tv working recently, so that gets in the way, but that’s what the internet is good for.

So here we go 49ers! Don’t let my Dad, Uncles, and cousins down!!


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