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I’m An Adult

It’s official. I now have cable.

This is a BIG deal. I didn’t have cable growing up. My parents were not against it, they just never got around to getting it. They were too busy raising their children. When we went to other people’s house we would watch cable, but my parents just never got it. They are currently looking into getting it for their house, but Myke and I are now officially part of the cable family.

Today is all about organizing, seeing what can be purchased (eventually) and getting used to cable (remotes and channels mostly).

Moving update: We are obviously still officially moved in and we are currently figuring out where to put things, what we can buy on a budget, and what colors to paint! That’s the part I’m most excited for!

Any suggestions??


  • Brittany

    Painting on the cheap suggestion: Oops colors! Go to a larger hardware store (like Lowe’s or Home Depot, although smaller ones have them too) and ask if they have any “mistints”. Those happen when someone asks for a very specific color and what they got wasn’t exactly it. Still some great choices, for good deals!

    My decorating two cents 🙂

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