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H54F 5/16


1. Taylor and Niana have set their date! November 14. We are beyond excited. Myke and I have decided to use their wedding as a good excuse to get back into shape. I was in good shape for my wedding, but we want to lead a better life style, so we are hoping to be at our goal weights/measurements by their wedding.

2. Because of the reasons in 1, I started running again this week. I haven’t ran/worked out for a while because life got in my way, but I’m happy to have started running again.

3. This week, I have been working at a desk. It’s a temp position, but it has been said that it may turn into a full time job. However, since I’m still training in this position, I sit at my desk all day with very little to do. Therefore I have been working on the blog. I have to say the more I work on it, the happier I am with it and the more I want to make this a job. We will see where the road takes me.

4. Come back next week for a look into the my little shop. There may be a video involved.

5. This morning I’m off to the beach for the weekend with Dad’s family. Myke is not able to attend, finals and no vacation days can really put a damper on going to the beach. I’ll miss my husband more than anything, but he wanted me to go even if he couldn’t. How amazing is he?? I’m looking forward to seeing some of my favorite people.


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