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I Might As Well Tell You…

I was in a car accident a couple weeks ago.

Everyone is ok! It was just a fender bender. A car cut in front of the car in front of me, she slammed on her brakes, so I slammed on mine. Unfortunately I bumped her, she stopped, but the other car drove away. My poor car was injured, we just didn’t know it at the time.

We drove the car for a couple days, because we didn’t have the money to pay for it yet (yes we do have insurance). We finally took the car into the shop and it’s been there for the past couple weeks.

So of course, Myke and I needed a car to get around. We went to rent a car on Friday, but they didn’t have a small until Monday, but we needed a car for the weekend. The only car they had available was this:

A 2013 Camaro. Myke said yes right away, while I was a little hesitant. Mostly, because I was scared to drive it. So Myke jumped in the front seat and was more than happy to drive me around. He actually didn’t even let me drive it at all. We had it for the weekend and I didn’t feel comfortable driving it into work. It felt like I was in a very low boat. So we went back and when they asked what I wanted, I said a smaller car. The lady then gave me this.

I don’t think people know how excited I was to get this car. I have been wanting a Mini Cooper since I was in junior high. I was almost crying with happiness. I have driven that thing every day to work and I might not want my other car back. I love it! I have told Myke every single time I drive it that I want this car when we have the means for another car. The ONLY thing I would change, I would want the four door. I just prefer four door cars, just to drive around town and to drag the kids with me if need be. That’s how both mine and Myke’s parents did it.

One thing I can take from all of this is God’s sense of humor. The accident took a tole on me and I had trouble finding God in the whole matter. I was mad and didn’t know what to think. However, when they handed me the keys to my dream car, I couldn’t help but giggle. God knows my hopes and dreams and now he gave me a little taste of it. I can’t help but smile each time I drive it and thank God for the opportunity to drive it around for a little while.

God has a funny sense of humor.

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