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I Have Made a Few "Adult" Decisions

I have made a couple decisions over the past couple days that may not be the best ideas in the world, but I feel like they would be things that I can be potentially good at with a little practice and guidance.

1. I have decided to write “a book.”

Now the reason why “book” is written like that cause it’s not going to be like any other book. I do not see myself becoming a well known author by any means nor do I see myself publishing this book except for a few select people, Myke and my family. Yes, I have made the cheesiest decision in the whole world, I’m writing a book about my married life, like The Notebook (you can start your “awwing” or your “wtfs” now). The more I thought about the idea the more I kinda liked it. I was thinking of writing about how we got together and then our lives apart and then our wedding and so on. Since the project would seem never ending, I thought maybe a good goal to end is at like our 25 or 30 year wedding anniversary. The reason I’m saying this on here is so that I will keep my own self accountable for writing it. I had Myke set up the software and everything on my computer and I have decided to be a “real writer” and shut myself in my apartment for the weekend and start writing. I hear it’s what all the cool writers do…

2. I have decided to start getting into photography.

I have been surrounded by photography my who life, my grandmother is a amateur photographer and she always has beautiful pictures. I have always been intrigued by photography and so many of my friends have nice cameras and take amazing pictures, so I figured, why not at least take a class or two and maybe I can get a small job out of it. You never know… Unfortunately, this is going to take a little more time because of the cost of cameras and lenses and such, but luckily, I have Myke’s support and he said we can start saving for one (cause he would get to use it too).

3. I also need to remember that things happen for a reason and I need to be happier with the events that happen in the present. I know that seems to be a common theme in these posts, but sometimes people need to hear something a few times before it really sinks in.

I’ll just put this out there, but if anyone has any advice about photography or writing, let me know. I’m looking for a good camera for a good price as well.

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