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Holland, The Netherlands

When I was in high school, I had a wonderful opportunity to travel to Mexico twice and serve in an orphanage. Not only did it introduce me to the university I would call my alma mater, but it also planted the seed of travel and serving in my heart. I have always loved traveling and helping others so when it comes to doing that I don’t even give it a second thought. I have never felt the call to be a full time missionary, but I do have a heart for missionary work. I do however have a heart for travel and serving.

My church has the amazing opportunity to travel to The Netherlands for 10 days and serve at a church during their annual international conference in October. I heard about the trip from a while ago and I had felt the pull to go. I knew that it wasn’t going to a vacation, but it was going to be a time to serve and really spread the love of God. I took an application home not knowing if I should fill it out. I was so worried not knowing where I was going to be job wise and we are saving up our vacation days for special trips all through out the year.

I decided to take a big leap of faith. A really big one. I signed up.

I am very happy to say that I am going to The Netherlands. I will be leaving October 19 and coming back October 27.

There really are only two things that worried me. The first was money.

When you are going on a mission trip, you send out support letters and ask for support both in prayer and financially. I am not one to ask for money, but I took a huge leap of faith and sent support letters out to my family and friends and just about cried when I saw the first few letters coming in with not only prayers, but with checks. God surprised me with each person who has given.

The second thing that worries me is being away from Myke.

Yes, Myke isn’t going. This will be the longest Myke and I have been apart since we have been married. It makes me sad to think about leaving him for that long, I keep telling myself I will be back before I know it or at least I hope so. Plus it’s good for married people to spend some time apart…right?

I’m very excited about this opportunity and to see what God had in store for me on this trip. There have been many different things happening in my life for the past two weeks and there was a part of me that even thought about not going and staying at home to help, I realized that wouldn’t do any good and it would probably be better to obey and go.

2015-09-20 15.37.40

My passport came in the mail the other day and it became a little too real.


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