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Life’s Curveballs

2015-09-13 15.40.02

I shared this picture a little while ago on Instagram with a caption about how the last few days have been difficult and I had a few people ask me what was going on and if we were okay.

September started out wonderful by visiting our family and spending some time out of LA. It was when we came back some things started to not be so great. One of them is a mixture of great and not so great, Myke started his class up again at the church, which I love that he’s doing and he loves doing, but that means I’m home alone for a couple nights. Which isn’t bad for normal people, but one of my love languages is quality time and so sometimes, especially when I have a bad day, it takes a toll on me. The way I solved this is going to Starbucks one night to get work done. It breaks up my routine of being home alone a little bit and I like that I get to get stuff done.

Another thing that has been happening is Myke and I have taken a big step in our faith walk. We (Myke mostly) have accepted a position on our church board. One of the board members and one of our good friends moved to away with his new wife, so there was an open spot. When they asked Myke, we did something that all couples should do when they are about to make a big decision-pray. We stayed home for a night and prayed that if it was God’s will, to give us a sign and we will follow his direction. Myke got a few little signs the next day and he said he would do it. We are extremely honored and a little nervous about this new chapter in our lives.

Another big event is Holland, which I talked about in yesterday’s post. I’m so excited to travel to another country and see what God is doing there and what I can do to help. I’m hoping this will be the first of many trips to come in my future.

To answer people’s inquiries, we are fine. Life threw us some curveballs, but we know that our God has us and we are safe in his hands.

Also, when life gets you down, Coldstone can help a little too.

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